Kiel - Dynamics and equilibrium by the sea

A city portrait: Kiel is the future

Kiel is a strong business centre. The direct proximity to universities and research institutions here provides for especially close links between companies and science.

The Land Capital’s economy spans a wide range of sectors - traditional, maritime and innovative industries here are interconnected to the same degree as are industrial production and modern services.

Die Stena am Schwedenkai aus der Luft title=
Die Stena am Schwedenkai aus der Luftbildperspektive.

As the commercial capital of Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel can offer companies crucial locational advantages, thanks also to its excellent land and water-based infrastructure.

Many of Kiel’s companies operate on a global scale, several are world market leaders, such as the pump manufacturer EDUR and the wafer machine manufacturer Walterwerk.

Mädchen arbeitet am Mikroskop title=
Kiel ist Stadt der jungen Forscher.

Kiel is also of national significance - as a shipbuilding and naval centre, as well as a home to a range of specialist clinics in the medical sector.

Many innovations have their roots in Kiel. Not only maritime devices such as the gyrocompass or the echo-sounder, but also pioneering advances such as contact lenses or the fax machine were invented on the fjord. Developments from Kiel are still in great demand across the globe: for instance, GEOMAR played a significant role in creating an early warning system for tsunamis.



Das ist Kiel


  • Central location for services and trade in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Financial centre
  • Science park with 70 companies
  • A working population of over 170.000
  • 7.100 texable businesses