Kiel - Dynamics and equilibrium by the sea

Kiel is the future

Kiel is a strong business centre. The direct proximity to universities and research institutions here provides for especially close links between companies and science. The Land Capital’s economy spans a wide range of sectors - traditional, maritime and innovative industries here are interconnected to the same degree as are industrial production and modern services. As the commercial capital of Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel can offer companies crucial locational advantages, thanks also to its excellent land and water-based infrastructure.

Many of Kiel’s companies operate on a global scale, several are world market leaders, such as the pump manufacturer EDUR and the wafer machine manufacturer Walterwerk. Kiel is also of national significance - as a shipbuilding and naval centre, as well as a home to a range of specialist clinics in the medical sector.

Fährschiff der Stena Line von oben
Frauen in einem Labor vor Mikroskopen

Many innovations have their roots in Kiel. Not only maritime devices such as the gyrocompass or the echo-sounder, but also pioneering advances such as contact lenses or the fax machine were invented on the fjord. Developments from Kiel are still in great demand across the globe: for instance, GEOMAR played a significant role in creating an early warning system for tsunamis.