Kiel - Dynamics and equilibrium by the sea

Kiel is the North

Kiel is the capital city of Schleswig-Holstein. At the same time, it is Germany’s northernmost city. The Kiel Fjord stretches right into the heart of the city – opening people’s horizons as well as acting as an important crossroads. With its cruise and ferry terminals, Kiel harbour forms a bridge to Scandinavia and the Baltics.

The Kiel Canal is the busiest artificial waterway in the world. All of this put together makes Kiel an important Transport hub for the entire Baltic region.

Containerschiff im Nord-Ostsee-Kanal
Strandleben in Schilksee

Yet Kiel is not only linked to the North in terms of transport, but more than anything else it is the northern way of thinking that everyone experiences here. Wide horizons, the wind and the sea - that is what makes Kiel special and also what shapes the people living here. It is their commitment, their relaxed attitude and openness that makes Kiel such a great place to live.

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Rotes Boot mit gelbem Namen Kiel
  • Over 1,700 seagoing vessels per year,
    around 2 million passengers,
    well over 100 cruise liners in the port
  • 35,000 ships in Kiel Canal
  • Home port of the
    Gorch Fock sailing training ship