Kiel and cruising

Cruise liners and ferries at the Bollhörn-, Schweden- and Norwegenkai
Cruise liners and ferries at the Bollhörn-,
Schweden- and Norwegenkai

Marine tourism is becoming increasingly significant as a popular form of holiday. The number of travellers worldwide has more than doubled over a single decade. Kiel has taken advantage of this development and has become a leading German cruise departure point and destination. That’s not surprising: only in Kiel do the luxury liners berth in the city centre.

The harbour with its big ferries and cruise ships helps to shape the city’s maritime image. Over 1.5 million passengers a year sail from the modern Norwegenkai, Schwedenkai and Ostseekai cruise terminals. Visitors from Scandinavia, continental Europe and overseas make a significant contribution to Kiel’s international feel.

Ferry Color Fantasy
Ferry Color Fantasy
Ferry Color Fantasy - going ashore
Ferry Color Fantasy - going ashore

Several cruise ships often dock at once alongside the ferries in the main harbour in the summer season from May to September. Kiel has a great deal to offer, both for trips on land during a cruise, or for passenger transfers. Kiel is an incomparable departure harbour for magnificent cruises to the enchanting world of the Norwegian fjords and the major Baltic cities.

Sailing along the Kiel Firth offers views of attractive countryside. Sports yachts, tall ships, lighthouses and white beaches also add to the holiday mood when the cruise liners leave their berths and head for the open sea. All good reasons for starting a cruise from Kiel from time to time.

Pictorial material: Kieler Stadtarchiv, Stadt- und Schifffahrtsmuseum, Landeshauptstadt Kiel, Seehafen Kiel GmbH, Touristinformation Kiel e.V., Oliver Franke/ide stampe

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