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Kiel´s outer fjord and its sea marks

Kiel Lighthouse
Kiel Lighthouse

Kiel Bay and Kiel’s outer fjord, along with Kiel Canal, which was opened in 1895, are among the most heavily navigated waterways in the world. International shipping from and into the Baltic almost all passes through the fairway down this sea inlet, which is marked by the Kiel and Bülk lighthouses.

Bülk lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Kiel Fjord. This white, brickwork tower with a black band and a double gallery was constructed between 1862 and 1865. It is 25.6 metres high while its light stands at 29.5 metres.

Bülk lighthouse seen from the panoramic point, municipality of Strande
Bülk lighthouse seen from the panoramic
point, municipality of Strande

Up to 1967, the entrance to Kiel Fjord was indicated by the Kiel III light ship, anchored at 54° 30’ north and 10° 16' east. After it was decommissioned, the 1906 vessel with its elegant clipper bow, was converted into a three-masted square-rigger. Renamed “Alexander von Humboldt“, the barque today serves as a school ship and is a popular guest during international windjammer parades.

Kiel lighthouse, standing 33.50 meters tall (light height 29.25 meters), was erected at the anchorage site of the former light ship. It serves as a pilot station and as the direction and orientation light for the fairways into Kiel Fjord, the Kiel-Flensburg fairway, the Kiel-Baltic fairway and the Kiel-Fehmarnsund fairway. It also houses one of the weather stations of Germany's National Meteorological Service.

Lightship Kiel, 1936
Lightship Kiel, 1936

Picture of Lightship Kiel
Picture of Lightship Kiel

Picture credits: Kiel City Archive, Kiel Maritime Museum, U. Dagge

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