Kiel City Hall

For more than 100 years Kiel City Hall - das Kieler Rathaus - has shaped the city‘s image. Its tower can be seen from afar, many streets in the city centre seem to run directly towards it.

No other building in Kiel depicts the history of the city in such a clear and comprehensive manner.


Discover the Kiel City Hall

Opening hours & tours

Opening times of the Kiel City Hall

Monday - Friday
8 am - 6 pm

Please note:
Some Rooms are only accessible at certain times and during tours.

City Hall tours

Dates: all year round, by request
Duration: approximately one hour
Number of participants: maximal 18 people

Information on prices, conditions & booking 
at Tourist-Information Kiel:
0431 67910-13

City Hall tower tours

Dates: at summer
Number of participants: maximal 18 people

Information on dates & times, 
prices & booking 
at Tourist-Information Kiel (in German)

0431 67910-13

The portrait galleries

Proud city landmark

The City Hall has been the home of Kiel‘s city politics since 1911. Then as now, it is a point of contact for Kiel‘s citizens, the control centre for the city‘s extensive administrative and representative duties and the seat of Kiel City Council.

The old City Hall
The old City Hall on „Alter Markt“
Black and white photograph
Kiel City Hall, opened 1911
Two towers
Campanile in Venice and the Kiel City Hall Tower
black and white photograph
Reconstruction 1945 - 1950
Fotograph taken from the Rathausplatz
Kiel City Hall today

Kiel City Hall officially opened

Height of its tower in metres

Rebuild City Hall opened


More facts


  • Built: 1907-1911
  • Architect: Hermann Billing
    (Karlsruhe, 1867-1946)
  • Cost: 4 million Goldmark
  • Height of the tower: 106 metre 




Damage 1943 - 1945

  • Main copper roof
  • administrative wings on Rathausstraße
  • Central building with reception rooms
  • The Ratsherrenzimmer (councillors‘ room) remained undamaged



Reconstruction 1945 - 1950


  • Mayor: Andreas Gayk
  • Official opening at 22 June 1950 in the presence of the Federal President at the time, Theodor Heuss
  • 1971 entry into the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein‘s Denkmalbuch (book of historic monuments)




Photos on this page: Landeshauptstadt Kiel / Bodo Quante; Stadtarchiv Kiel; pur.pur